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Diplomacy Talk Series / シリーズ「ディプロマシー」

Upcoming Event on 02/01/2019 – Skin Deep: London Report

Upcoming Event on 02/01/2019 – Skin Deep: London Report

“Skin Deep: The London Report”
February 1, 2019, 19:00-20:30

In a series titled “Diplomacy”, we invite you to join us at the upcoming event hosted by The Platform to encourage discourse and networking across disciplinary and academic territoriality. The event features Kaz Yoneda in conversation with Yasutaka Tsuji to celebrate and reflect on his visit to London as a Richard Rogers Fellow. The Diplomacy events are free and open to the public. We look forward to seeing you there.
シリーズ「ディプロマシー」の初回として、リチャード・ロジャース・フェローシップに採択され、2018 年の9月から12 月までロンドンに滞在した建築家のカズ・ヨネダを迎えます。オリンピックの開催を経てEUからの離脱を待つこの首都の近況を、写真をまじえてご報告いただきます。

About Diplomacy Series:
There is a building right behind the British Embassy Tokyo. On its third floor, you can hear some mumbles. People seated around the table are smiling, while under the table they are kicking each other’s legs. This is the place of diplomacy, behind closed doors and unaffected by the tweets coming from the electrical net. But you there, intelligence agents who likes to eavesdrop, would you miss this?
駐日英国大使館の裏手にあるビルディングの3 階、ぽかんと広がる部屋では、なにやらよくわからない話が聞こえてくる。着座する人々は微笑みながらテーブルの下で相手の脛を蹴り続ける。なぜなら外交とは密室。電子網のつぶやきとは無縁。それでも盗み聴きがお好きなそこの貴方、どうぞ足をお運びください。

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