NEW CONTINUITY / by kaz yoneda

The theme of "Continuity" is not a new idea, inculcated by single-surface projects after Modernism. Rather, seems to be one of the most continuous, salient topic in architectural discourse. What varied was the element to which architecture attempted to connect to, and therefore achieving a continuous state of coexistence.

Renaissance was a rediscovery and continuance of humanism.
Modernism connected with the industrial society, mass production and machine aesthetics.
Post-Modernism sought to regain continuity with history via symbols and language.
Single surface was an earnest and most formal experimental project to manifest the democratic society.
Ensuing digital paradigm attempted to connect with the computational capability and enact its promises.

Recently, it seems architecture is trying to form a continuous relationship to community and its formation, particularly in the face of all humanitarian and natural crises. This is epitomized by activist interventions, community workshops, and share-houses to form consensus platforms and cultivate the "culture of sharing."

Transversally, "history" and its implications are continuous in architecture, but have come to be recognized as neither not so teleological nor singular.  "Histories" will be, should be rewritten as those that were inconvenient to the victors of time will be unearthed. 

Now... what is architecture to connect to, today? To form a continuous relationship to the next zeitgeist? This is a fertile ground for investigation and the beginning of principles towards the next and new phase of Continuity.