Mega-developments are the ultimate form of commercial urbanism that is ruthlessly formulaic. While their concepts are schematic, they remain dogmatic and achieve a sophisticated level of auto-monumental machines that impoverishes culture, marginalizes human life, accelerates consumption, and politically stupefying. Indeed, we have witnessed what Koolhaas observed as a certain ineffability or apprehension of Bigness, which did not seem to deserve a manifesto. However, rather than to blindly defy their blind formulations or to swallow it whole, there must be opportunities for us to extract the constructive platform of nascent relationships. In other words, there is a promethean task towards a general theory of mega-forms. Thus, amidst the chaos of megaurbanism, a matrical network of relationships can be extrapolated from sets of numerical data.This will constitute an infrastructural platform to derive a general theorem and from the critical,encyclopedic compendium of schizophrenic restlessness of our century.