braision prototype island protocol
1. The mean value of access and topography is used to inform the radius of Primary Circles; agglomeration of these circles form the shoreline;
2. The Second Circles are determined by tangencies to all four Primary Circles; the size of the tangent circle determines the sizes of the bars (islands);
3. The Third Circles are either determined by the spaces in between bars when their size exceeds the mean; or one proportion larger if bars have not; this constitutes the pool;
4. Tangents among the circles and to each other creates the spline of landform outline;
5. Contour is created from a sine curve to accommodate housing towers at its base;

braision prototype island protocol
6. Taxonomy diagram is overlaid on each circles and oriented toward pools, rivers, and summits as control points;
7. Traces of the taxonomy diagram literally becomes a palimsestical mapping of where things can be grown or released initially;
8. Each circle has an equivalent unit from the Machine to be inserted;
9. At ground floor, regions curated for water ferns, algae, plantain, lotuses, mollusks, crustaceans, fish, and amphibians were avoided;
10. At 13th floor, dragonfly corridor is avoided, 25th for metamorphosis insects,until dissolution for birds

alluvian ecospheres site plan

alluvian ecospheres model