Collective Polemics


Collaboration with Richard Liu

collective polemics

Architecture is a part of a great continuum. It does not exist as episodic singularities disconnected from the ever-unfolding epic of humanity. Yet, the current saturation of styles has resulted in a litany of unscrupulous choices. An unprecedented freedom of selection has resulted in an unrestrained cambrian explosion of forms. This has led to an age of vacuous neo-eclecticism proliferating digital euphoria for its own sake. These ghosts of empty ideologies, ensconced in sequentially differentiated forms, have concluded in an extant impasse and proven their incoherence with the macro project of a critical Architecture.

Through a categorization of specific watersheds that have captured the spirit and moment of a period of architectural development one can uncover the hidden role that unifies seemingly disparate elements through time. The possibility remains to be discovered that underlying overtures representing unforeseen relationships have guided the trajectory from the Classical to the Contemporary. Hence, a lineage of ideas rather than forms is the true relational method that has connected varying epochs throughout the creation of new concepts in architecture. The aim of our proposal illustrates this opportunistic discourse by mapping a connective and collective polemic through the disciplinary pathways embedded within Architecture.

As an operational strategy, a unifying thematic expression of architecture has proven too authoritarian but taken as individual elements in relation to specific conditions, the potential for exploration are boundless. Acknowledging the influential role of external forces affecting each era within architectural production, the fundamental development of its discipline has not been altered. Therefore, references to historical antecedents are a distillation of potentialities for future architectures that do not necessarily imply a return to historicist adaptations.

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