Island-Y Observatory
Shikoku Island, Japan
A Collaboration with Akio Takatsuka of aaat

yoy site plan

0.0 This is one logical "form" of architecture pursuant to the harmony with the scenic panorama and the natural landscape.
1.0 This is a new idea for a series of public spaces, how they can be organized, for various activities with the backdrop of Seto Inner Sea.
1.1 The inner sea, islands, and the city of Takamatsu can be seen.
1.2 The cafe, for enjoying the view and relaxation, can open its large windows on pleasant sunny days to pour out and occupy the terrace.
2.0 The stepped slopes are literally grand stands for the viewing of panoramas and various events.
2.1 Visitors climb, gaze, sit, drink, participate, among other things, all the while constantly going to and fro inside and outside. 
2.2 This is a proposal towards architecture that is both at once spatial as well as what composes the scene itself.
3.0 Although the entrances appear as if to be entries into mountainous caves, what unfolds inside is a light-filled space with sunlight permeating as through lush foliage.
4.0 "Tame-ike" is the primordial landscape of Kagawa Prefecture, created from the pragmatic necessity to collect rainwater in a water-deprived region and cooling pool during summer.
4.1 A stage can be erected on the water for Noh plays and other dances.
5.0 There is an unintended yet strangely comforting synchronicity between the seemingly irrational form of the intervention and the Yashima Peninsula, an aufheben between architecture and nature.

dusk view