Museum of the Captive Grid


ヘルシンキ、フィンランド Helsinki, Finland
A Collaboration with Richard Liu

mcg conceptual axon

The Museum of the Captive Grid aims to recapture the spirit of provocation within a vapid consumerist art-world. By generating an inversion of the white box mentality, this project allows for the opportunity to engage the city with transparent access to the collections at large. The ground floor galleries operate as a continuous urban surface that dissolves the threshold of the museum as temple. Here, the ground plane serves as the only datum in which art manifests itself to the civic realm, establishing immunity towards the opaque. With the declaration of the peripheral edge of the museum as a connective territory between the gallery and the metropolis, this building aspires to create a specific inner life that is sublimated within the wall-less aisles for art. As a proposal, this project becomes a terrain of competing zones between program and art. Such an unlikely situation provides a field of unanticipated capacities where the urban experience is encapsulated within a singular building. 

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