FACADE T-Shirt Prototype


東京 Tokyo, Japan
Joint Project with SOMA DESIGN and takram design engineering
Special Thanks to Toyo Ito

facade t-shirt logo

facade t on facade

While architects’ core motivations and intentions may lie elsewhere, facades are inescapably the most visible part of architecture. A facade may reveal, project, camouflage, and even intensify various internal spatialities. The project explores the effects of facades when resized to clad the smallest architectural module; that is, of a human scale. Façade is sublimated insofar as architecture is reappropriated by the body, and body the architecture, to exact obscurations of structure and mass-void. This is also an effort to literally humanize architecture and to catalyze broader speculations, discussions, and imagination about its critical potential.

Based on “Pipe-dream” dialogues between Kaz Yoneda and Greg Serweta during the summer of 2009.

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photography by Keita・Shinya