Superordinary – Spirited Objects

新しい普通 ‒ ヒトとツクモガミたちの日行

東京 Tokyo, Japan
Status: Proposal

People, place, and proucts are all equally connected to each other. Artificial and yet Sentient Intelligence allows these things to constantly relate, move, act, sever, reconnect with each other. The process is so seamless that it becomes the Second Nature. Forget Internet-of-Things It’s Internet-of-Lives

New vision of the world we live in is imminent… but the change will slip past us undetected.
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic (Arthur Clarke).

It is not a wild speculation to imagine a near future where everything not only has intelligence, but also Sentience. Ask a Brick what it wants to be, and it may tell you, or even show, how it may want to exist independently of us. This is not magical or cursed architecture, but one that is plugged into our ecology and engendered with its own needs, desires, and pressures. The aestheticization of technology does not yield the world of obvious high-tech-ness, but of new banality where technology and artificial intelligence is thoroughly embedded into everyday lives of the people, place, and products. What seems ordinary is actually super-ordinary for its ability to be more than a mere matter. Artificial Intelligence plays a key role, not as a menace, but as a third-party, a curator, a matchmaker, a baton-wielding composer of stuff. The new imaginary will be inexhaustible by the relationship between us and other things, existing on an equal footing with others, humans and nonhumans alike. Binary, as we inherited from Classicism and Modernism, will become irrelevant – physical and aphysical, analog and digital, singular and communal, parts and whole; sublimated into a newfound cybernetic ecology. We may soon be sharing our homes with Things or living inside some Things that not only has Its own intelligence, but can create its own destiny.