Luxor Stationery Stores
Interior Design & Branding Concept


チェコ国 / Czech Republic
Invited Competition Entry
Designed in collaboration with Vojtěch Hajný


In collaboration with Czech architect Vojtěch Hajný, Jan Vranovsky of Bureau 0–1 proposed an interior and branding concept for leading local bookstore and stationary chain Luxor. The design features two primary spatial experiences: monumental verticality and rigidity of the column-like shelving system (particularly while entering the stores) which transforms into openness and fragility once examining the shelves from the inside of the store. These attributes are on one hand formulated with shopping experience and practicality in mind, while on the other they were chosen in order to reference to two key inspirations sources: the Egyptian Luxor complex (hence store name) or ancient Egyptian architecture in general, and to paper and books, the main goods the store would sell.

Asset 6.png

A sample store interior was designed in order to demonstrate the concept and all its elements.


In addition to the interior proposal, a simple logo / monogram has been proposed to the client as well. The letter “P” stands for “Papírnictví” (stationery in Czech), while “L” is Luxor.

Asset 4.png

In addition to a regular store, a sample shopping mall store interior has been proposed as well.