bureau0-1 was founded in 2014 as a practice for architecture, urban design and projective design and research, based in Tokyo and New York.
bureau0-1 does not solve problems. Rather, it asks questions.
bureau0-1 is neither easily understood nor ineffable. It is against cheap one-liners and unrealizable dogmas.
bureau0-1 is comprised of few, thus far. As such, bureau0-1 is neither a particularly agile technician nor an insightful specialist.
bureau0-1 places more importance on depth over width, breadth over speed. If it appears to move at the snail's speed, it is because it will not follow the blinding speed of Capitalism.
bureau0-1 is concerned with architecture in its holistic sense of overarching cultural production. As such, it will opportunistically engaged with anything from a book to a building.
bureau0-1 has a singular guiding principle of discovering our zeitgeist and from that imagining possible futures in various forms; form-spaces, information, and transformations. We aspire to occupy neither the saturated tradition of the past nor the naive futurism apt for its inevitable downfall, but a new and real vision of the near future, based on the present milieu.



東京都 千代田区 
一番町 9-23 一番町ビル

bureau 0-1 | The Platform

9-23 Ichibancho Building
Chiyoda-ku Ichibancho
Tokyo Japan 102-0082

電話 : 03-6262-9607 : phone
ファックス : 03-6685-7775 : fax


Kaz 米田
bureau 0-1, 代表

2007: コーネル大学建築学科卒業
2007-09: メンバー, 藤本壮介建築設計事務所
2011: ハーバード大学デザイン大学院建築学科修士課程修了
2011-12: studio coordinator, 伊東豊雄ハーバード東京スタジオ
2013: 学部4年生studio unit master, 東京大学建築学専攻
2011-14: アソシエイトディレクター, takram design engineering
2014~: bureau0-1を開始
2014-15: 非常勤, 東京大学大学院建築学専攻
2016~: 非常勤講師, 日本女子大学
2016~: 特任助教, 慶應義塾大学SFC政策・メディア研究科
2017: 非常勤講師, 日本大学芸術学部

Kaz Yoneda
bureau 0-1, founder & principal

born in seattle, washington and raised in cupertino, california
2007: b.arch degree (honors thesis), cornell university aap
2007-09: associate, sou fujimoto architects
2011: m.arch II degree (hons), harvard university gsd
2011-12: studio coordinator, harvard gsd toyo ito tokyo studio
2013: undergrad studio unit master, university of tokyo
2011-14: associate director, takram design engineering
2014~: founded bureau0-1 
2014-15: adjunct grad program instructor, university of tokyo
2016~: visiting lecturer, japan women's university
2016~: adjunct assistant professor, keio university
2017: visiting lecturer, nihon university college of art

Greg Serweta
bureau 0-1, associate, usa

Gregory Serweta is an architectural designer in New York City and has been a visiting adjunct professor of architecture at the State University of New York, Buffalo. He has worked on projects with Jeffrey Inaba/INABA, Renata Hejduk/Arizona State University, and Jim Williamson/Cornell University, and on design and master planning projects in Japan and China, at (asap) and Sou Fujimoto Architects. His writing and work has been published in le Journal Spéciale’Z and Intersight and he has taught workshops at Cornell University, Syracuse University, and the University of Pennsylvania. His research in/on Japan is extensive and has culminated in the publication of Homo Ludens Ludens - New Babylon Reloaded: Media Immersion Pods in Tokyo, Japan. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Minor in History from the State University of New York, Buffalo and a Master of Architecture Professional Program at the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning at Cornell University.

Kaz Yoneda, photo by Bejan Siavoshy 

Kaz Yoneda, photo by Bejan Siavoshy 

Greg Serweta

Greg Serweta


WIRED "...intensely detailed and thoroughly researched..." - 09.19.13
Motherboard "The noted Japanese designer Kaz Yoneda... went cyberpunk." - 08.16.2013
ICON "'What inspires us are those everyday things that just by projecting a little in the future, we may see an outline of extraordinary enrichment of life. We aspire to occupy neither the saturated tradition of the past nor the naive futurism apt for its inevitable downfall, but a new and real vision of the near future, based on the technology of the present.' " - 01.08.13


2016: iF Design Award, (for TAMRON SP lens while@takram)
2016: Red Dot Design Award, (for TAMRON SP lens while@takram)
2015: Speaker at the Tokyo University DFL Symposium
2014: Exhibited at 21_21 Design Site
2014: Finalist - Wheelwright Prize
2013: Exhibited at Sullivan Galleries, SAIC
2012: Exhibited at dOCUMENTA (13)
2008: Future of Design Competition Award, Boston Society of Architects
2007: William Downing Prize
2006: Cornell Urban Scholars Award
2005: Edward Palmer York Memorial Prize


Jul. 2016 | author; "Bold, impressive and immense" | The Architecture Review
Jan./Feb. 2016 | interview | GA Japan 138
Jan. 2016 | featured | Shinkenchiku
Oct. 2014 | book direction; Pendulum of Innovation | Lixil Contemporary Architect's Concept Series
Jun. 2012 | co-author; Shenu: Hydrolemic System | News from Nowhere publication
2010 and 2011 ed. | contributor; Harvard Platform 3 and 4 | Harvard GSD publication    
2010 and 2011 ed. | contributor; View 2 and 3 | Harvard GSD publication      
Jan./Feb. 2009 | contributor; “Architecture Boston” | Boston Society of Architects     
Oct. 2008 | contributor; output 11 | :output Foundation